Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick Takes-vol. 12

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--- 1 ---
Sorry to have ditched the whole Quick Takes crew last week.  I simply didn't have it in me after the week we had and then everything that was going on Friday.  I was super distracted by the news.  A friend of ours saw Newton on the list of towns on "lockdown" last week and thought Newtown so he was concerned about us.  Once we got the news going and realized what had happened, I immediately contacted our German friends in Boston (they moved there last year for his job, just like we'd moved to Germany and met them).  Knowing how isolated we were and how little attention we paid to the news in our town, I knew that if a similar situation had happened in Marburg we would have been clueless.  They actually live in Cambridge and had apparently heard the gunshots and everything the night before.  Thankfully they had changed their plans on Monday to go to the marathon and stayed home with visiting family.

I really got things going on my new series for fostering ecumenism.  If you haven't checked it out, here is post one, two, and three.  This week's was on being a physical and spiritual being and my distaste for the trend that "faith" is better than "religion". 
--- 3 ---
I went back to subbing this week and I'm at a new school and I'll likely be here the rest of the year.  I like it so far, but I think that first school will always have my heart.  My office is much, much larger and that's nice.  The start time is earlier and it's a further from our house, but the last part of the drive is really nice and I love the houses I pass.  Hopefully I feel as comfortable here as I did at the other school eventually.
--- 4 ---
I also finally went back to yoga yesterday.  I'd started going to the classes offered on Thursday afternoons at my first school, but once I got going with clinical I was there until 5 and couldn't get to the school at 4 for yoga.  Last week was spring break (for the schools) so I didn't have any work or clinical and no yoga either.  Feels a bit funny to get back to everything, but a new routine is good.
--- 5 ---
You may have seen that I was looking for a new Bible.  Our church gave us all beautiful new Bibles in a special presentation for the first scrutiny of RCIA, but it's really too nice, you know?  I wanted the same translation used at Mass and I wanted some kind of study Bible.  I finally settled on this one.  It's bigger than what I'm used to, but I really like the apologetics included, the ribbon bookmark, the leather cover, and the embossed Rosary on the back.  I even brought it with me to work today! 
--- 6 ---
We are finally experiencing some real spring weather here in Connecticut and it. is. nice.  I've probably mentioned before about how loooove winter and cold weather and all that so this is really the first spring that I've gotten really excited about.  Living in the south doesn't give you a proper hunger for spring in my opinion and I've always said that people who live in the north embrace warm weather so much better.  It's been just gorgeous to see the the green or white trees against the bright blue sky and the yellow and pink bushes we have around here.  There isn't a lot of grass in the landscaping in Germany either so it's been refreshing seeing green lawns again.  This warm weather inspired us to get out and use the grill by the pool in our apartment complex and Wednesday night we grilled pork tenderloin.  My husband was soooo excited about it he wants to grill every week!  Or night!
--- 7 ---
Have you discovered Abbey at Surviving Our Blessings yet?  I know I've mentioned her a few times because of the gift she made me, but this week over there has been really great.  I just love her posts and her kids.  There is something about the way she writes about her children that always brings the sweetest smile to my face.

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  1. I love that moment when you discover the perfect new Bible and finally start using it. Awesome.

  2. And I would love to do a guest post on the current effects of the Reformation! It might be interesting to do it with another Catholic so we could create a kind of instant dialogue. I think it's definitely a topic that needs to be addressed, and can be done respectfully and with a view towards edification!


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