Sunday, April 7, 2013

What I Wore Sunday-vol. 8

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Happy Easter!  (Still Easter--being liturgical here.)  Today I had my first full Mass as a Catholic and the ability to be an "ordinary" Catholic was actually something I'd quite looked forward to.  We still met with the group after the Mass, but it felt weird when the homily ended and we stayed.  I didn't think it had become so routine for me, but I guess it did.  So, onto what I wore:

Sweater: Old Navy
Blouse: Converse One Star (Target)
Camisole: Old Navy
Capris: Petite Sophisticate (all the short ladies shed a tear that this store is no more...)
Shoes that you've seen a million times: Target
Claddagh earrings: Macy's
Marian bangle: Alex & Ani (via Emily!)

(Sorry to mention my bracelets yet again, but I really love them and the ladies who gave them to/made them for me!)

Have a great week!

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  1. Ok...stopping over from FLAP to say 'hello!' Also, I have to tell you, I have a rosary bracelet from many years ago...and it still is my favorite piece of jewelry!

    Congrats on being an "ordinary" Catholic! How beautiful ;) Prayers for you!

    1. Awesome! I know I will always love this bracelet too since it was made especially for me :-)

  2. Ditto to Cynthia, congratulations and we are so happy that you are part of our family now. The outfit looks great and you look beautiful!

  3. Yay! Congratulations! And I love your blouse. :)

  4. You are rocking that bracelet. :-) and the rest of the outfit, too, of course!

  5. i would have loved to see a close up of the bracelet. ah well! the outfit looks great and congrats on being an "ordinary" catholic!


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