Sunday, April 28, 2013

What I Wore Sunday-vol. 11

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Happy Sunday everyone!  We are really having spring here finally and it has been a nice weekend.  Took a couple of walks around our community and the colors are really beautiful--super blue sky, pink and white and purple flowers, and these yellow bushes that are everywhere in this area.  Anyone know what those are?  It's a strange color to me to see in the spring because it's a very "autumn" color.

We were back at the 9am Mass this week.  (We've been trying to test them all out since we were solely going to the 9 for RCIA.)  Unfortunately, the people we sat in front of had very poor Mass behavior.  I have read a lot of blog posts and articles about the struggles of taking your children to Mass so I always hear the words of these writings when I watch a difficult child in church.  However, what is the adults' excuse?  We found ourselves sitting in the midst of some kind of family gathering.  At first I suspected a baptism based on the presence of a very young baby, but I can't be sure.  The children were wonderful.  The adults were horrendous.  Two grown men, fathers I presume, sat next to each other and carried on a conversation through the entire Mass like they were at a basketball game.  The adults around the baby were talking about how cute he was and telling the kids about how they were that little once while the baby sat silently and the kids merely murmured occasional replies.  I think the main problem was that because this was a family gathering, not everyone present was Catholic and they did not have the proper respect.  I do, however, find it difficult to believe that anyone as an adult could be so ignorant of church etiquette.  So, parents, please don't worry about your little ones' behavior because there are likely adults out there making far worse examples.

Anyway, on to my attire:
 Dress: Banana Republic
Tank: Kohl's
Cardigan (major rerun): Old Navy
Shoes (major rerun): Target
Earrings: Some little stand in Ecuador (my husband studied abroad there in college and brought me a lot of earrings--these are little pieces of blue rocks similar to the blue color in the dress)
Bracelets (reruns--will probably stop mentioning them): Alex & Ani and Abbey

This dress is sleeveless and kinda low-cut, but I finally managed to find the lacy tank to put under it (looks much better than plain) and using the cardigan makes it church appropriate instead of cocktail or dress for a wedding.

I know my legs are super-duper pale, but I the sun is here and that may be changing!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. That dress is gorgeous! You did a great job of making it "mass-appropriate." Sorry you had to sit near disrespectful people :(

  2. You look beautiful! Stop with the apologizing over your legs... Goodness gracious. Anyone who isn't pale at this point is faking it! Lol

    1. Alright, I hear ya--I won't be embarrassed about my legs anymore!

  3. I love the fabric of your dress. Absolutely lovely. Isn't it great that we can find camis to save us when things are too low. I have a drawer full of them in every color I can find.

  4. Such a cute dress! I love that print. And camis are so great for layering. It is hard to concentrate when there's talking going on at mass. Maybe if they weren't Catholic being at that mass planted a seed!


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