Friday, May 3, 2013

Quick Takes-vol. 13

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--- 1 ---
It's been a quiet week around here.  I know you're all tired of hearing me talk about school so I'll just do this .  I promise to have one if not two posts next week and at least one for the What's up with that? series.
--- 2 ---
Because of my inability to not feel completely incapacitated by schoolwork, there isn't a lot to report about what's going on around here.  Last weekend we went to a few open houses in the area just to see what that's like and what houses we can afford look like.  They all had stairs you would have to conquer with groceries.  One was on a big hill so there were all these stairs from the garage, one was a condo where you entered through the basement level garage or other part of the basement and another was a raised ranch, so fewer stairs but stairs nonetheless.  Call me super-boring, but one of the exciting things to me about living in a house is not carrying groceries up flights of stairs.  Anyway, none of the houses really got me going, but it was good to explore.
--- 3 ---
Remember how excited I was to get back to yoga last week?  Well, I didn't volunteer as usual on Thrusday and got all caught up in the paper things I said I wouldn't complain about and totally forgot what day it was.  Oh well.
--- 4 ---
Do you read Rachel Held Evans?  I don't on a regular basis, but catch her stuff when it's buzzing around.  She had an interesting piece this week that I think everyone should read thoughtfully.  I don't agree with everything she says, but I know that what she is saying she is saying with love and from a deep Christian faith.  It may not be your flavor, but I really think it's important to read things that you may not 100% agree with (or even that you don't agree with at all) and do it often because it prevents extremism and helps us to all understand each other a bit better.
--- 5 ---
Because things aren't all that exciting around here as of late, I decided to start dedicating a couple of takes each week to spotlighting the blogs I/links have to the right.  I'll start with Home Sanctuary.  It's the first blog I ever started following that was someone I didn't know.  Up until that point I just read my family members' blogs.  Rachel Anne is super sweet and has a daily "Small Thing" to do that usually is something home or family-related.  Sometimes it's a self-care thing or just saying a prayer.  You can keep track of what you do and earn points for the Small Things you accomplish to win a prize at the end of the month.  Rachel Anne is also an artist and has a shop and is writing a second book and she is available for speaking engagements.  (And I wrote all this good stuff about her on my own because I just love her so much--this is absolutely not sponsored!)
--- 6 ---
If you haven't discovered Carrots for Michaelmas yet I don't know where you have been!  Haley is a Catholic convert, has two awesome kids (and another expected any day now!), and chickens in her backyard!  I want to be her when I grow up :-)  She recently had a great series on NFP.
--- 7 ---
And for the final spotlight, Adventures in Self-Reliance is a great place to get a laugh.  Josee is my cousin and I actually lived with her when her oldest son (now 6) was only 7-8 months old.  A lot has changed in her life since then (in that rapid-fire way having an additional two kids in less than 5 years can do that) and she writes some very honest, but usually very funny posts.  She's also a convert to Catholicism and we are both making our late grandmother very happy in heaven :-)

Oh, and if you haven't found a new feed reader yet and just jumped on the bloglovin' bandwagon like me because you didn't know what else is out there, check out Feedly.  It is much closer to the Google format and much cleaner.  I like it very much :-)
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