Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick Takes-vol. 15

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--- 1 ---
Today is the second day of my big trip to the south!  Yesterday I flew to Birmingham to visit my best friend (former roommate and maid of honor) and spend a long weekend with her.  I've never been to AL before so it's kind of exciting.  And hot.  Very hot for this New England girl who had relatively few extreme summer days last year in Germany.  On Tuesday I'll fly to NC and visit family and friends in different areas for a few days, including the best looking guy in the world under 3 feet, my nephew!  Then my husband will join me for a trip to SC for a wedding and seeing some of his family.  It's a whirlwind trip of seeing and doing A LOT, but it's going to be fun!
--- 2 ---
After not doing much travel for quite awhile, it's kind of weird to start it all back up again.  Often when we were traveling so much in Germany it was easier to not really unpack and put everything away and that's kind of what I've had going on.  Last week I spontaneously decided to drive to Southern PA/Northern DE to visit friends from the old 'hood.  It all worked out nicely and I was able to meet some more of my one friend's family and enjoyed a great barbecued dinner outside with her husband and then lunch with both friends the next day.  I sure do miss those ladies.
--- 3 ---
For Memorial Day weekend we took a trip to the Boston area.  My husband has some cousins of a sort that live in Wellesley and we thought it was the perfect time for a visit to them since we live so close.  We had a nice, relaxing dinner with them on Friday night.  On Saturday my childhood friend was able to get us tickets to the science museum where she works and we had some great fun there.  It was pretty busy due to the rainy weather, it being Saturday, AND it being a holiday weekend, but it was still fun.  Then we met up with my friend for dinner at a tapas place called Barcelona in Brookline.  She's so fun and I knew she'd find us a great place to go.  Everything we had was great, including the sangria and requisite churros!  On Sunday we went to a Red Sox game.  It was a bit chilly, but we warmed up and got really excited toward the end when the Sox pulled out a victory in a game that looked suspiciously like a loss up until the last few minutes.  It was great!  Then we all had pizza at Regina's, a hugely popular place and Mike's Pastry (requisite canolis here!).  We went and saw our host march in the Memorial Day parade as a veteran on Monday before heading home.
--- 4 ---
Small sidenote here with more to come at a later time: We're moving again :-)
--- 5 ---
Getting back to the spotlights on blogs this week...Miss Minimalist is a blog I found after reading her ebook. I was in a perfect place to receive ideas on minimalism well because we were just about to move overseas, a move that also spurred much of her minimalism.  I really identified with the need to downsize and the philosophy of only owning what I really used or really loved.  I'm pretty far off from being a "100 things" minimalist, but I keep the philosophy around to shape my choices.  For more of my thoughts on minimalism, see here and here.
--- 6 ---
Poundcake and Prayers is a blog by my best friend I'm visiting in Birmingham.  Jessica is a registered dietician and a chef who does food writing and works at eMeals, an affordable meal-planning service.  She loves food and the south and even though she doesn't blog a lot, I know you'll love the stories she shares about her grandmother, like this one.
--- 7 ---
Handspun Hope is the blog for a great company out of Rwanda.  My cousin has been working in Rwanda for the last two years through International Justice Mission and now Handspun Hope.  Handspun Hope provides a job for women in need, many former victims of sex-trafficking.  My cousin just so happens to have had a lot of experience with sheep and making wool yarn from her days of living on a farm in NH during grad school.  I'm hoping to have her write a guest post for me soon about her work and experiences in Rwanda.  In the meantime, check out Katie's blog and like Handspun Hope on Facebook!

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  1. Oh I love the south! My mom was raised in Greenville, SC, and I was born in TN. I'm hoping to convince my Michigan born-and-bred husband to live in the land of sweet tea someday, but so far I'm not having too much luck. ;)

    1. Haha, that's awesome. It's where I grew up (NC), but I have always been a true nothern-gal at heart :-) Where do you live now?

  2. You're less than two hours from me!!! Whaaaaat!!!

    1. Really?? I had no idea of the geography here! Wanna come to B-Ham this weekend??

  3. I looooove Mike's Pastry!!! SUCH good cannoli!!! Yum.

  4. Have fun on your travels! Sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. :)

  5. Sounds like you've got a great start to your summer! Can't wait to hear more about #4 :)


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