Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I Wore Sunday-vol. 14

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Happy Pentecost!  To start his homily today, Monsignor talked about how Pentecost is the only big church holiday that we haven't figured out how to commercialize.  He listed all the things we don't have for Pentecost, like parties, store sales, greeting cards, and special outfits.  As I sat in there in my special Pentecost outfit, I didn't know if I should feel like I had commercialized the day or not!  (And the card thing was funny too--I subscribe to a service that sends me e-mail reminders for church and secular holidays.  For some reason the subject always reads, Send a card for __________.  There are so many holidays that it just sounds so funny to suggest sending a card--holidays that I laugh because I am thinking, I don't think they make cards for that...)

Anyway, on to my red outfit:
Red Top: Wet Seal (don't look for it--I believe it is now almost 12 years old)
Skirt: The Limited
Red Shoes: Target

I love that the newest part of that outfit is the shoes which are still almost 6 years old.  Hooray for being thrifty and conserving!

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend and enjoys the rest of Pentecost :-)

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  1. I love an outfit that's old that still looks great. A black skirt makes you always look classy. Great look!! :)

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I seem to be the queen of digging out old stuff lately!


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