Friday, June 14, 2013

Quick Takes-vol. 16

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--- 1 ---
Happy Friday!  I missed Quick Takes last week because I was still out of town.  I meant to write one and I could have found the time, but I was just enjoying everything else.  I did mention that in my last one (2 weeks ago) that we were moving again.  This time next week we will be living in our new house in NJ!  It really hasn't happened as suddenly as it appears, but there have been a lot of unknowns until recently so I was waiting to share.  This is the 5th state since we got married and the 7th home we will have lived in, but the plan is that this will be a more permanent spot.  We're really excited about it and I promise to share pictures of the whole house (bathroom--but maybe not basement--included) once we are all settled in.
--- 2 ---
I have a favor to ask---will you pray for us?  I have found myself more nervous about this move than all of the others and I think it's because this one is supposed to be permanent.  There is this pressure for it to be "right".  I'm pretty easy-going when it comes to all this moving (feel free to remind my husband of how lucky he is!), but I guess I always felt safe in that it was temporary.  If you would, please pray especially that we would find good "couple friends" at our church and that they would be an encouragement to us and that I would find the right job.  I'm super-excited about this church because it is literally just the next block over (less than a 5 minute walk!) and they have so many ministries we're interested in.
--- 3 ---
Shortly after I started blogging, I began wondering if I would ever run into one of my bloggy friends.  I told my mother-in-law that I was always wondering if someone would see my WIWS post and comment, Hey, I saw you at church today!  Well, that still hasn't happened, but I have recently begun to see my online blogging life intersect with my real life.  Mandi's move to NC happens to throw us into some of the same circles and I recently discovered friends that Caitlin and I have in common.  So if you happen to live in NJ or NY, send me an e-mail and let's see if perhaps we live near each other.  And if you have any associations in NC, just assume that we must have people in common because I think that's just how it works in NC!
--- 4 ---
Months ago my bloggy friend Jessa asked me about my favorite Bible stories so that she could send me something from that location since she lives in the Holy Land.  What a task!  So much pressure and I was so excited!  Well, I gave her a looooong list of stories, but she grabbed something from every spot for me!  (Her language of love is also gifts!)  I plan to post more specifically about what she got for me, but here is a preview:
Hmm, what could that leaf be....
--- 5 ---
Today is my last day as a school nurse here in CT.  It may be my last ever, who knows?  I've done a good job of not getting too attached to this school because I was waaaay too attached to the first school.  I managed to get one day in at the high school this week so I can say I worked at all age levels.  I hope this isn't my last day with students, but it's hard to say what will come next.  Watching Scrubs the other night made me miss the hospital (as usual), but anyone who works in a hospital knows that Scrubs only reminds you of the moments that are, well, not always good, but meaningful.
--- 6 ---
I may be going to a Bon Jovi concert in the near future!  Since my favorite band hails from NJ, I figured a concert in the home-state would be better than most.  Apparently, my husband was already on it because when I mentioned it last night he admitted to already looking into it as an anniversary gift, but that he thought we probably should discuss it.  You know, it really is the thought that counts because just knowing that he'd already been planning that made me feel like that was gift enough.  But I would still kinda like to go... :-)  And I want to buy that concert t-shirt that 20 years from now everyone will be complaining about me still wearing (a-la-What Not to Wear) and I will insist that I canNOT get rid of it because of the memories...
--- 7 ---
I have still not written the post about my trip south, but I have an outline and it will come next week.  For now, here is a preview of the cutness that happened:

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  1. We've been going to a "young couples" group at our church (that I'll be so sad to leave) and if your church doesn't have one, it seems pretty easy to start. Just advertise or find people to come by word of mouth and then rotate potlocks at different houses/locations. We've met some really great people that way.

    1. The church actually does have one---I was so excited when I saw that because I really didn't want to be tempted to go to another church further away when we could be so involved so close to home! It's billed as a "young professionals" group though, and we've found it hard sometimes to get into those groups because we're the only married ones. (In Atlanta the group must have had over 100 members and they were all single...) I'm hoping that being so close to the church we'll be able to host plenty of stuff!

  2. That is sooo wild that we have mutual friends! Such a small world!! I will pray for your move! We are still looking for Catholic couples as friends, but haven't found any in our area yet!!

    1. Isn't that so weird? When I looked back I realized that Shannon was also in your bridesmaid picture, but I was so focused on you and your sister that you mentioned I didn't notice. I was visiting Heather on my recent trip to NC and when I told her about the connection she said, oh yeah, she's the one I was saying was pregnant :-) Then I just happened to see that you commented on one of the photos from Heather's wedding as well.

      Thanks so much for your prayers!


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