Sunday, June 23, 2013

What I Wore Sunday-vol. 17

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Hello everyone!  We are now settled here in NJ and were able to enjoy our first Sunday at our new parish.  It is literally just one block up and we had a nice (though slightly warm) walk to church this morning.  The church is beautiful and we were able to meet the pastor and introduce ourselves (we've exchanged e-mails already) and heard a homily from the young priest who is leaving.  Apparently he has been in charge of the young adult group we will be going to but this is his last Sunday.  There is a farewell luncheon for him this afternoon so we will probably drop by there.

I didn't do a regular WIWS picture or pose since what I wore is a rerun of Easter Vigil for the most part.  Instead, here is the newest threshold picture.  (I have to add this picture and the one from our home in CT to the blog header this week.)
The only thing different here from Easter Vigil is the sandals which are from Target (surprise surprise!) and are walk-to-church-approved :-)  No hair scarf though, and my cardigan was only for when I was indoors--it's a hot day!  My husband is wearing a Nautica polo shirt and Banana Republic chinos :-)

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

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  1. It is the coolest thing that you can walk to church. Glad to hear you've gotten settled and that you are liking the new parish so far!

    1. I know! I am beyond excited about living so close to this church!

  2. Your white dress is beautiful! I'm glad you're getting settled and starting to make connections!

    1. Thanks, Olivia! I love this dress--I just wish I had found it before my wedding so it could have been my rehearsal dress!


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