Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Book Review: The Catholic Home

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I became aware of The Catholic Home by recommendation from Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas.  I normally like to borrow books from the library, but I could tell that this would a book I would want around for reference.

The author, Meredith Gould, is a Catholic convert from Judaism.  She describes what can only be a confusing childhood of religious upbringing to a reader, but doesn't elaborate enough for us to hash out a real timeline for her faith.  Gould seems aware and more or less brushes over the details she deems unnecessary, stating that it's a story for another time.  Basically, Gould's background provides a perfect framework for including religion (a lived faith) into the entirety of home life and building the "home church".

The book begins with a walk through the liturgical year, holy day to holy day, season to season.  Gould includes the historical significance and derivation of the days, the requisite color, it's correlation in the Eastern church, and ways to celebrate or observe each day or season.  These examples usually include a food and an activity with a heavy emphasis on practices that are more cultural than religious.

The latter part of the book provides more information on ways to observe sacraments and other methods for incorporating faith in to every day life.

I enjoyed The Catholic Home and I'm sure I'll be referencing it often.

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