Friday, July 19, 2013

Movie Review: Larry Crowne

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This movie came out a couple of years ago and as usual, I'm just getting around to seeing it.  I hadn't heard great things about the movie from critics, but it still sat on my "to see" list until I grabbed it at the library last week.  As soon as I saw it advertised I wanted to see it--Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts?  Not exactly a likely pairing, but Hanks is my favorite actor and one of the people I would invite to my 5 famous people, dead or alive dinner.  And I also like Julia Roberts.  Hanks directed and produced the film and co-wrote the screenplay with Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and co-stars include George Takei and Cedric the Entertainer.  (Bryan Cranston also has a supporting role, but it's not a positive role.)

The story begins with Hanks as Larry Crowne, top employee of U-Mart, a large national discount store.  Larry is downsized in the hard economic times with an excuse about not having a college education.  With nothing but Navy experience behind him he enrolls in classes at the local community college.  He makes friends, he makes changes in his life--he sells his house and his car and he shares his life with others.

Larry is an extremely likeable lead with a generous spirit and a story that is very real.  He's able to take his life to new heights after what seemed like a devastating loss and it's due largely to his willingness to let others in and sense of genuineness.  If you're a fan of eclectic groups of friends, a la Community, or you like Tom Hanks like I do, you'll probably enjoy Larry Crowne.

It is rated PG-13, mostly due to references to pornography and language.  Older teen children should be fine.


  1. I forgot about that film (I feel like it wasn't that big when it came out?) but I had wanted to see it too. Not that we ever see movies, but if I do ever get the chance, I think I would like it too.

    1. Yeah, I think it did not get a lot of press because critics didn't like it. It kind of fizzled out quickly. I think you'd like it--I found it positive.


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