Thursday, August 15, 2013


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Last spring my husband's oldest brother got engaged to his lovely med-school sweetheart.  And ever since then the whole family had been looking forward to our excuse to enjoy some time in the wine country of northern California :-)

We left the Sunday before the wedding and met up with another brother-in-law and uncle at the airport.  We headed to Costco to shop for groceries at Costco with my sister-in-law and her family since we were in charge of dinner that night.  My husband's grandmother had generously provided my mother-in-law's side of the family with the opportunity to spend an entire week in two gorgeous estates in Sonoma.

The week was pretty low-key (for those of us NOT in charge of wedding-related events!), but it did include two hikes (I sprained my ankle on the second), a tour of EA games for Brice with our nephew, plenty of hot tub time, several wineries, lots of olive oil tasting, and a fun dinner at the CIA!  The joke of the evening was our pondering of why so many menu items were in quotes.

The groom (yellow) with his siblings

The rehearsal dinner was a picnic at a park in Yountville and we had a great turnout and good food.  I even played some Bocce ball and cornhole with family, despite my injury.  The wedding on Saturday turned out beautifully and was just like our Pinterest planning boards.  Here are a few pics:

I didn't take this one--the pro did, but you can click and see her site.  By Adrienne Gunde

We had some time to kill on Sunday before our flight out so we went into San Francisco and checked out the science museum and the sea lions.

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