Friday, August 30, 2013

Can anyone help me understand why I'm to be upset about Miley Cyrus?

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I've mentioned plenty of times (I think) that we don't have cable television.  And where we live now we don't even get any channels with our homemade antenna so we're strictly Netflix-only with out television usage.  So when I began reading all of these "shocked and saddened" comments on Facebook and articles in the news and posts on blogs about the VMAs and Miley Cyrus, I had a bit of research to do.

In the same vein of my ignorance of TV, I also have a tendency to not exactly stay on top of the current music scene so I probably had more research to do than others.  But my initial thought when I first learned of the incident was simply, "Oh, yeah, Miley Cyrus is like that now.  Don't we all know that?"

I couldn't quite figure out how I, of all people, could be completely aware that this could happen with her and others could be so surprised.  Yes, individuals who value decency and modesty are probably always a little peeved when public displays of indecency and immodesty occur, but this is certainly nothing new and shouldn't one expect that something "shocking" will happen at the VMAs?
As for Miley specifically, I did actually learn of her recent hit and music video from another blog a few weeks ago and after seeing what that was all about I guess I assumed we were in for more in the future, even if I didn't consciously think about it.  I was not blown away by her behavior because she was a Disney channel star--how many Disney stars have we seen go south over the years?  It surprises me that anyone who is familiar with what she's been up to lately could have been shocked at her performance.

When I got further into my research I finally began to form my own opinion.  During all of the uproar and reaction no one really mentioned her dancing buddy.  Miley was not performing alone the whole time.  Once I read this about Robin Thicke's mother, I began to get a little angry.

I'm certainly not saying that what Miley did in her performance was something I really support, but it makes me a bit peeved that the public could be all over her and never care a bit about Robin Thicke's part in it.

Yes, she was "grinding"--but she was grinding with him.

Yes, she was strutting around in a nude bikini--but she was doing it in imitation of the actually nude ladies in his music video of the song.

And yes, she was quite crude for a 20 year-old young lady--but he is a grown, married man and father.

Basically, I just don't see the big deal and I don't think we should make a big deal out of it because it only encourages the behavior.  I also don't think we can say that we expect the VMAs to be providing wholesome programming and that if we choose to watch such a show, we should expect to watch it with an understanding that the producers do not share our values and will not likely be broadcasting a program that shares our values.


  1. Wow I feel like you took the words right out of my head!!! It is as if I could have written this same post. Obviously I agree with you :)

    1. Haha, awesome. Seems like we are always on the same wavelength, Stephanie.


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