Friday, August 23, 2013

Quick Takes-vol. 21

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--- 1 ---
I almost opted out of Quick Takes this week in favor of sharing what's going on with me in a more open form.  But I decided there were a few new things to warrant a Quick Takes post.  To check out my post for the link-up with Home Sanctuary's Company Girl Coffee, see here.
--- 2 ---
I officially have a job!  I haven't signed anything yet, but I feel like I can share that now since my license is official and I'm scheduled for orientation and everything.  Since it's a job in an office affiliated with a hospital, I need to complete hospital orientation which is typically only once or twice a month for most hospitals.  So I actually still have another month before I start.  It's not 100% ideal, but it's something and I do believe there's a reason for it.
--- 3 ---
My brother-in-law is moving to New York!  He found, applied, interviewed, and accepted a job in just the last week.  He'll be teaching science at a Catholic high school just north of the city so he'll only be about an hour away from us.  As far as I know he's very excited, but our family would appreciate your prayers for him as he sets out on this adventure.  If you or anyone you know lives there or could be of assistance to him in this move from NC to NY, please let me know!
--- 4 ---
It's probably best that I still have a month until I start work because it turns out that I supposedly do have a fracture in my ankle.  I did get an x-ray and while the doctor and I both assumed that if I felt as good as I did, if something was broken it was probably a really small bone.  Apparently not.  It's one of my leg bones (one doctor said fibula, the other said tibia and I haven't been to the orthopedic yet so I'm not sure).  Fortunately, it's not displaced.  Obviously, or else I couldn't have been so fine and dandy and walking around.  But now I know and will need to do something about it.  Honestly, the whole thing got me really annoyed yesterday.  I assumed that when she said none of the small bones are broken but the fibula looks "off" that it couldn't possibly be fractured because I had only the most minor discomfort.  I had more pain when my lupus was flaring.  So I wrote the whole thing off and when she called yesterday to confirm the fracture I was really annoyed.  But anyway, we'll see what happens with this whole situation.
--- 5 ---
Last weekend we were supposed to go tubing with our new friends from church.  When the weather on Sunday was not optimal tubing weather, Matt & Elena plowed ahead with their plans to make s'mores.  We'd figured we'd do this at the Delaware Water Gap where there would be campfire sites.  But they still managed to find a park in town with a decent enough site for a fire and we showed up with graham crackers and exactly 5 marshmallows because those things don't stay around long in our house and we had a good time.  (They had another bag of marshmallows.)  We've been doing a lot with them lately and we're grateful for their friendship and for the ease with which we have been able to join the young adult group of which they are a part at our church.
--- 6 ---
Speaking of that group, we joined them last night for a birthday dinner for one of the members we'd only met one time.  But she remembered us and it was nice to be out with everyone.  The regular weekly meetings will be starting up again next week so I'm looking forward to that.
--- 7 ---
Not sure what we'll be up to this weekend since I don't feel comfortable going tubing.  Mostly I'm hoping for some good time with the two of us since my husband is going to be out of town all next week for work.  Please continue to pray for me as I pursue teaching NFP.  I got some not-great news about funding this morning that will make raising the money almost exactly twice as hard, but I know it will happen.  It just might not happen for a class this fall.

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