Friday, August 30, 2013

Quick Takes-vol. 22

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--- 1 ---
Things still aren't picking up much around here with blogging, but I did manage to write something besides my usual link-up posts this week, though it didn't happen until today.  To read yet another (but hopefully different from what you've already read) take on Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, click here.
--- 2 ---
The tubing adventure finally happened last Sunday.  We went with another couple and another guy from our young adult group at church.  The weather was great for it and after a couple tries we found a good place for me to wait while they went up the river a bit.  It wasn't moving as fast as they thought it might though so after half a mile (in an hour and a half) they got out and walked back to the car and then drove to get me.  We'd hoped to have another campfire and roast hotdogs and marshmallows again, but there weren't any locations where it was allowed without being a registered camper.  Lots of ideas were thrown out and we were finally lucky enough to find an abandoned charcoal grill at another location on the river.  We threw in some charcoal and some wood and had our fire and a pretty decent feast.  
The best past was that I finally had a good excuse to buy those mondo marshmallows that you see every summer that are the size of 3 or 4 regulars.  Yum!
--- 3 ---
I have an above-average affinity for marshmallows so that was pretty exciting for me and if you also love marshmallows--today is National Toasted Marshmallow Day.  (My sister-in-law let me know about this since we share the enjoyment.)  So have one today :-)
--- 4 ---
My husband's youngest brother is officially the closest family we have now geographically.  Because he's camping in our spare bedroom!  He arrived Tuesday night and has been commuting about an hour to his new teaching job and looking for a place to live.  Students will be there next week so he'd like to get settled soon.  If you can help in the greater NYC area, let me know!
--- 5 ---
Best news of the week is that my fibula was broken in a FAN-tastic spot--no surgery needed and it's healing on its own.  Just need to lay off an exercise still for 2 weeks and go back for another x-ray in 6 weeks.  Praise the Lord!
--- 6 ---
I got a little freaked out about having a broken leg last weekend (this is gonna be good for a 2 truths and a lie game--who will believe I broke my leg?), but I was pulled out of pretty quickly by some concerning news from a good friend.  It's good to have those things happen now and again.  We all have our issues (and if you read last week you know I was having mine), but I think I needed that to pull me out of my selfish thoughts and remind me that my problems are big to ME, but in the grand scheme, I'm doing pretty well.
--- 7 ---
I haven't had a chance to read all of this yet (so I'm a little nervous to endorse it or anything), but this long article seems interesting.  A member on my interchurch listserve shared the section about law and pastoral practice and it kinda blew the mind of this convert.  It made some actions and thoughts from priests seem to make sense.  I'm glad to have that now to make me rethink certain "laws".   And while these other links aren't new, I haven't had a chance to share them yet:
My husband is not my soul mate
Why I made my teenager go to church

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!
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  1. I didn't know you had a broken bone! I thought it was just a sprain. Glad to hear no surgery is needed and that it is healing. And who knew it was Toasted Marshmallow Day? My younger son adores marshmallows. I'll have to make sure he gets one somehow this weekend to celebrate.

    1. Yeah! I think I said last week that I found out it was broken on Thursday. Imagine that--all that time walking around. I'm one tough broad, huh? And please do celebrate marshmallows with your son :-)

  2. Glad to hear you don't have to deal with a cast or a boot or something!


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