Monday, September 30, 2013

Another guest post at Tales of Me and the Husband

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I have another guest post up for Patty over at her blog today.  This one is for her new series "Catholic and lovin' it".  For my last guest post for Patty, click here.

I'm a new Catholic, but I'm not a new Christian.  I've always been Christian and I've never seriously considered another faith.  I've considered how life would be easier to not have a religion--morally at least.  I've considered how it could be cool to be Buddhist.  But none of that ever seemed right to me.  I'm not sure how much of that I can pin on faith and how much of that was a product of a culture where Christianity is the basis for our societal framework in many ways.  Whatever it was, Christianity always seemed right, even if I didn't have the level of enthusiasm other Christians did...Continue reading at Tales of Me and the Husband

This post is also now part of a link-up at The Pearl and the Pilot called My Catholic Journey.

My Catholic Journey


  1. Thanks for being patient with scatter-brained me in publishing it! ;o


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