Monday, September 23, 2013

Post at Miss Minimalist

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Today I have a post up over at Miss Minimalist for her "Real Life Minimalist" series she runs every Monday.  She has a lot of submissions so it took a couple months for me to get my turn.  I've posted a couple of times about minimalism so if you have any interest in the topic, definitely check out the rest of Francine's site.

My journey to minimalism began rather unofficially when I was preparing to leave for university. I had begun making a packing list in an effort to list only the things I would really need to take with me and avoid just packing everything in my room. I remember my best friend and future roommate thinking that a packing list was a ridiculous idea and making fun of me for it. But to me the move was the ultimate in the practice of packing away something you think you don’t need and seeing if you come back to it. If I didn’t need it when I was at school then I didn’t really need it...Continue reading at Miss Minimalist

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