Friday, September 13, 2013

Quick Takes-vol. 23

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--- 1 ---
I've been MIA again.  I think it's starting to become a big deal around here now when I do post something.  Instead of announcing I'll be away, maybe I should post things like, "Hey guys, I'm gonna post like 3 times this week so don't anybody have a coronary."  Haha...
--- 2 ---
Anyway, the reason for it is that I headed down south to the land of the pines, drove myself down to North Caroline...(Wagon Wheel, anyone?)  A good friend I met the very first day of kindergarten was getting married and I got to be there!  
And my brother got to perform the ceremony.  So it was pretty cool to see all of us grown up and not running around my childhood backyard like crazy people.
--- 3 ---
It ended up being super awesome trip because I got to spend the night with my best friend Heather,
spend the day with my nephew, attend the bacheorette party,
take a spontaneous trip to Columbia, SC to visit my cousin in her new home and meet her new baby (remember my expectant cousin from the Chicago trip?), have dinner with my other best friend's mom, hang out with my parents and brother, go to the church where I grew up, and on my way home saw my nephew again, met another friend's new baby, and met Mandi of Messy Wife, Blessed Life!  My sister-in-law and her family hosted me for a pit-stop on the way north too so I saw both nephews on the trip :-)
--- 4 ---
It was awesome getting to meet Mandi!  When I knew she was moving to Raleigh I figured we would meet at some point since even though it's not where I am from, the Triangle is my second home in NC.  I was afraid it wasn't going to work out since that new baby I ended up getting to meet arrived a week early, but by adding an extra day to my trip and my sister-in-law taking me in it worked out.  Mandi's the first blogger I have met in real life so it was a little weird--I think because it wasn't?  It's not like meeting other new people because you know all this stuff about them and have known them for awhile.  Lucia was, unfortunately, napping, so I didn't get to meet her.
--- 5 ---
My brother-in-law is no longer living with us so things are a little quieter again around here.  He's still working on housing so please keep him in your prayers.  The good news is that he still loves teaching and loves his job there.
--- 6 ---
I just got fantastic news today that my parish is going to be able to support me for my Creighton training!!  I talked to our young adult group about it last night assuming that it wouldn't be happening soon for me, but it looks like it is!  Many thanks for all of your prayers.  If it all works out I should be starting next month!
--- 7 ---
I'll be starting a job soon and I'm excited to be off doing some nursey stuff!  A couple things have come up that are job-related and while I don't feel like I can share them on here, I'd really appreciate your prayers for guidance and trust right now.  Thanks!

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  1. yay yay yay Creighton! Then I can call you up and ask you stuff all the time :)

    1. Haha, yes! I am more than happy to have long-distance clients who are blogging buddies!

  2. Yeah for Creighton! IRL - that would be a bit scary but you "know" but not really "know" person...


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