Sunday, September 15, 2013

What I Wore Sunday-vol. 22

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Hello, everyone!  After a couple of days of incredible heat here this week, things turned a little chilly yesterday.  It made for the perfect romantic day of hiking at Jockey Hollow, apple-picking, and a dee-licious lunch and shopping in nearby Chester.  (Seriously--this was the best chimichanga we ever encountered.  Yum.)

And what I wore:
 Blouse: Target
Cardigan: Target
Trousers: Express
Shoes: Target
Flexi-clip: Lilla Rose (forgot to take a picture but it's this one)

These grey pants are super old--I have had them at least 9th or 10th grade and stopped wearing them because, well, being that old they were super-duper flared and designed to be worn with big, clunky, black boots.  (I was in style--believe me.)  But then I thought, why not shorten them and take them in and then they will look like normal pants.  And they do.  Yippee!

 And the photo shoot that ensued when I apparently wasn't holding my head quite right...

Church was actually a bit distracting today because there were 4 of 5 service dogs sitting in front of us.  Our town is home to The Seeing Eye, the oldest existing guide dog school in the world.  this means you'll see service dogs constantly and even in church!  But the cruel part is that we can't pet these beautiful dogs :-(

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  1. Your blouse is so feminine and pretty, and I love your red shoes with it!

  2. That is definitely the only bad thing about service dogs: they always look so cuddly, but are OFF LIMITS! Bah!

    Really enjoying your color palette today.

  3. Cute outfit! What's on the wall behind you? Is that a frame that looks like a window?

    1. Thanks, Rita! It's a picture frame for 9 photos. They alternate every other one with being sunken in a little bit more. We have our favorites from our engagement photos in there as part of our incredibly narcissistic "wall of us". You can see the homily, photo, and vows from our wedding to the right and behind the wall is our framed signed by our wedding party :-)


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