Sunday, September 22, 2013

What I Wore Sunday-vol. 23

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Hello everyone!  Hope you've all had a nice weekend as we change seasons from summer to fall.  We had friends from church over for burgers on the grill Friday night and then went bowling.  Yesterday we went with our church group to the shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa.  It was a little over an hour away and we had a private Mass with our group, a tour of the facilities, and real Polish lunch!  Our new priest who heads our group is from Poland so he had a delightful time being a little extra Polish for the day.

And here is what I wore today:
 Shirt dress: Target
Natural cut-out "leather" wedges: Target (really cute and pretty comfortable)
Earrings: Street vendor in Ecuador, courtesy of mi esposo

I should have taken a picture of me in my turbie twist this morning--I looked especially retro in a polka-dotted dress and the turban.  Like a '50s housewife doing her housekeeping :-)

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  1. Love the dress and it looks great on you!

  2. Super cute look great!

  3. Hahaha. I LOVE my turbie twist! Ryan totally makes fun of me for it, though. Cute dress!

    1. Haha, mine is actually a Dollar Tree knock-off, but it does ok for me. I assume it doesn't have the absorbency that a real one has? Biggest selling point is that I can put a shirt or dress on over my head--can't do that with a regular towel :-)


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