Friday, October 4, 2013

Quick Takes-vol. 24

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Guess what?!?  This post is coming to you from Joseph House retreat center in New Hampshire.  What am I doing here?  I'm here for my Creighton Model practitioner training (that's a method of NFP for those who don't know).  I know it seems really recent that I was asking for prayers getting my funding, but they worked and here I am!  I can't believe it all happened to fast and I felt so cool and excited yesterday morning when I left to come up here.  It sort of felt like I had an exciting business trip, which it kind of is.  (I've never had anything close to a business trip before.)

The retreat center where I'm staying is super nice and the woman here is super nice and drive straight across Vermont through gorgeous foliage was super nice.  Everything is just super.  I know I sound like a weirdo, but really, it's all just great and unbelievable at the same time.

One of the funny things though is that I am so used to our little NFP blogging world that I just have these assumptions that my classmates know all of these things and live in the same little world.  But apparently the NFP world is bigger than just us bloggers and the Facebook group.  Go figure.
--- 2 ---
So why did I drive across Vermont to get to NH?  I'm glad you asked.  Technically, it's really about the same drive to go that route as to go up through CT and Mass, but is a tad longer (though who knows with traffic through Hartford and Boston).  But this route took me by Albany where my relatives live so I got to have lunch with my grandmother.  She suggested a tea house called the Tailored Tea.  I recommend it if you are in Albany because it was just lovely.  It's in an old farmhouse near the airport and has all these mismatched teacups and cute linens and very tasty food and teas.

After our lunch we went and had a nice visit with my great uncle and aunt (my grandmother's brother and his wife).
--- 3 ---
I finally really started my job this week--not just orientation.  It went really well.  I was only on Monday and Wednesday, but I think I'm learning quickly.  I was a bit nervous about giving injections to kids since it's not something I've done a lot in the past, but after one time I realized that an injection in a child is not mechanically different from an adult and as long as you can get used to the crying and screaming and the child is safely held, it's not bad.  But speaking to the child being safely held:  Please hold your child really really securely during a shot because the one kid that did jump scared the life out of me.  I don't want to hurt your child, really, despite what he says.

At any rate, my co-workers and boss have all been really welcoming and I think I'll feel at home very quickly.
--- 4 ---
I did another nursey thing this past week too--blood pressure-screening after Mass.  I signed up to do it after the 12:15 every other month.  I thought I was supposed to do it with someone this first time, but no one showed up so I just started going.  Since I haven't worked as a nurse since June it felt good to get back in there.  Between that, starting work, and the Creighton training this week I think I can safely say that I'm back in the nursing game.
--- 5 ---
Lately I have just been building up links that I want to share so that's what we'll do for the last 3 takes...

First, I'm not sure how many of you watch Breaking Bad, but the series finale just aired.  I haven't seen every episode and I have seen none of the of most recent season or the finale SO PLEASE DON'T SPOIL IT FOR US, but my husband has watched it all and I have passively absorbed and kept up in a very minimal way.  For those of you who are skeptical that a show about making crystal meth and all sorts of other morally dubious actions could possibly be good and even stimulating entertainment, please read this post from Jen at Conversion Diary.  She shared it a few weeks back and it really struck a chord with me.
--- 6 ---
This discussion from Rage Against the Minivan also struck a chord:

--- 7 ---
And I really have no idea why this piece about a 100+ man having dinner in NYC touched me so much, but gave me such warm fuzzies and calm and peace.  Hope it does for you as well.
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