Friday, December 6, 2013

Quick Takes-vol. 25

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--- 1 ---
I have finally returned this week from my blogging hiatus and the reason for my absence is this:  I was pregnant and unable to find anything else to write about during those last few weeks before going public.  But the day before I planned to go public we received horrible news: our baby had deformities that meant life outside the womb wouldn't be possible.  Writing several blog posts about this event and sharing them this week has been very therapeutic for me so I hope you'll take the time to read them if you haven't already (start here and work your way forward--6 posts in all).  Our situation of pregnancy loss was a unique one so you might not be sure how to handle it with me or with someone in the future and reading my thoughts could help.
--- 2 ---
Speaking of how to deal with me personally...Please, please, please don't just ignore the fact that this happened.  We live far away from our closest friends and family and since no one was actually present during the few weeks when everything occurred I think people will tend to just assume it's best to not mention it when they see me again.  But they wouldn't do that if I lost any other family member so I don't want that now.  Yes, I do want to heal and move on to a place where I am not so sad, but "moving on" doesn't mean I want you to ignore what happened.  If you know that it happened (even if you think I don't know that you know), please say something.
--- 3 ---
I enjoyed this post from Dwija, especially this quote:
"As for my relationship with Nicholas, we miss him as a person. As an individual, you know? Whether we have another baby now or in five years, the level of missing and loving Nicholas won't change. That was another thing I had to define in my mind. I don't miss the idea of a baby, but actually him as an individual."
--- 4 ---
When everything first happened I thought I would be quitting or taking a break from the whole Creighton teaching thing.  But my supervisor was really understanding and didn't pressure me for assignments.  So even though I'm really behind on everything I'm supposed to be doing and I'm not sure how I'll ever catch up, I am working on it and I'm supposed to have my first intro session on Monday.  And one person is actually coming!  Numbers aren't bothering me at this point--a small intro session will be better right now anyway since it's my first one.  But I do still need 6 clients by March so prayers that I can get myself going on this again and find the clients I need are appreciated.
--- 5 ---
For almost two weeks now we actually have been enjoying having a new animal family member.  Meet Lillian Marie:
 We found her through  She was a new arrival with a rescue in PA about two hours from us.  We had been looking at getting a puppy or dog for a little while now.  Since I love corgis, I was searching for corgis on PetFinder and came across Lillian, a corgi-beagle mix (beagles are my second-favorite).  She was very nervous on the ride home (including a bout of carsickness) and took awhile to come out of her shell, but she is settling in with us.  She is the best, most well-behaved dog you could ever hope to adopt.  We don't know much about her history, other than that she hails from SC, but she must have a good one because she is such a sweetie.  She only barked for the very first time today and just once.  Otherwise she has been quiet and well-behaved.  We think she'll make a good volunteer to be a therapy dog since she gets along well with all ages and all animals.  Except for squirrels.  She seems to have beef with them :-)
--- 6 ---
eMeals has had some great deals going on (30% off all this week for Cyber Week!!!).  This week they are sharing their dessert meal plan and I'm sharing it with you.  They absolutely have a meal plan for your family, no matter what special requirements you have.  It could make a great gift for a good friend, a sister, a daughter...Check them out!
--- 7 ---
I hope everyone had a nice St. Nicholas Day--did you celebrate with shoes and gifts?  I can't decide what I'd like to do with the day in the future.  Today we were aware and I did go to Mass, but that's it.  If you celebrated and have special traditions, let me know!
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  1. I´m over from Conversion Diary. Congratulations on your new dog! She is beautiful

  2. oh goodness, Lillian (Lilly?) looks so sweet!

  3. I've enjoyed all of your recent posts and will continue to keep you three in my prayers. Also I may have told you this before but I looove corgis!!!! Congrats on your sweet new dog!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I can't remember if the corgi love was one of those initial things we found we had in common (along with Boy Meets World), but good to know!


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