Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The only two things I get to do

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I had a really hard time choosing a name for our baby.  At first I felt like I needed to be sure of the sex of the baby, but then I decided that a gut feeling was good enough.  I felt it was a boy.

And I kept thinking I had the right name again and again, but hesitating.  I felt so much pressure to make sure it was a name with the right meaning and significance and, if possible, divine approval.  Naming a baby that will be called that name by only a handful of people may seem like it shouldn't be that stressful, but it was.

There's also a lot of hassle over getting the remains from the hospital to the funeral home and getting all of that taken care of.

But I don't mind that.  And I'm glad we found the right name.  (Malachi Edward)  I won't get to change his diapers and I won't get to take him to baseball practice.  Naming him and laying him to rest with the blessing for unbaptized children are the only two things I get to do for him.  So I want to make sure I do them the best that I can.


  1. Such a poignant post. You did those two things so well. I love Malachi Edward's name. Keeping you and your family in our prayers this Advent season.

  2. Malachi Edward, what a beautiful name. I love it! -Megan


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