Monday, December 16, 2013

Visit from friends

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Catching up on things that happened but didn't get chronicled...

My two best friends Heather and Jessica came to visit us in the middle of December.  Being the good friends that they are, they came to try to help me through what was going--in whatever point that would be (back when they booked the flights I was still pregnant).  As it turned out, I wasn't when they got here and had had a little healing time so we were able to have some fun.

We had hoped to spend Friday in and around town since they got in after midnight and we'd have time to recover.  But bad weather for Saturday forced us to move our day in NYC to Friday instead.  This meant we missed Santa-con, but walking around in all that snow would not have been as great.

We got up at a decent hour Friday morning and walked to the bakery two blocks up from us to get them their morning coffee-fix before walking a few more blocks to the train station.  Getting into the city this way for us is amazingly easy.  It's a one-hour straight shot into Penn Station with no changes.

We had lunch at Eataly, a wonderful indoor, Italian-style marketplace.  There's a lot of variety in the food, all with different stations to buy and eat.  We all got focaccia with things like cheese, spinach, peppers, onions, ham, sausage, etc. on top.  Heather and Jessica also got some coffee before we left.  The day also included the Christmas market in Bryant Park, cupcakes at Crumbs (delish!), a visit to the Church of the Holy Innocents, and plenty of pretty storefronts.  We made sure we saw the tree at Rockefeller Center and watched the light show across the street at Saks.
That is a white hot chocolate cupcake.  Yeah.  It is.
At the Christmas market
In front of the Waldorf-Astoria
Brice picked us up from the train station Friday night and the four of us went out to eat at a Thai place on the main drag.  Pretty good and nice, cozy atmosphere for us.

On Saturday morning Brice made pancakes for us all.  Then Heather, Jessica, and I went back to the bakery for more coffee for them.  We spent some time chatting before walking a little ways up the street.  It was snowing pretty hard at that point so we didn't stay too much longer.  Our plans to go to a neighboring town to see pretty houses, Christmas lights, and have a delicious Mexican dinner were all thwarted by the weather so instead we hauled over to the new Shop Rite so they could gawk at the crazy huge store and we could get ingredients for dinner.

Snow was accumulating very fast at this point so we rushed through our late lunch we procured from the prepared foods section and headed back out to clear off the car.  It was one of those as-soon-as-you-have-one-window-done-it's-covered-by-the-time-you-finish-the-next situations and the drive was slightly treacherous (hopefully that was news to you Jess--Heather and I were trying to keep it quiet!)  Once we were safely home, we stopped by the Christmas market going on at our church for a few minutes and they were able to meet our priests.

I put together chicken chili for us and we all watched a Boy Meets World Christmas episode before eating.  Wanting to watch a Christmas movie, we finally settled on Love Actually (my second time for the season).

Fears for weather-related delays in travel caused us to skip church in the morning to get the girls to the airport.  It was a short visit, but oh so good.  It's good for all of us (friends since elementary school) to be able to physically see each other's lives in our new homes.  We live in a three separate states now and much has changed, but I'm glad we make the time for each other.

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