Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quick Takes-vol. 26

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--- 1 ---
So we've definitely had our fair share of snow this week.  I didn't even end up taking any pictures since it seems like a big storm happens every week and a half or so.  After a forecast of "about 3 inches" for Monday, we woke up to at least 3 inches and worked together to get my husband off to work (I was already off for the day).  It continued to snow pretty hard until 6 or 7 that night so we had quite the accumulation considering we already had several inches down from the previous storms.  But Tuesday was fine and I used that day to do laundry and get groceries in prep for the next storm which was really more freezing rain and ice.  I was scheduled to work Wednesday, but my husband decided to work from home and our office delayed opening until 11:30 so we had both of us and extra time to dig the car out.
--- 2 ---
All of this snow is making a pretty good opportunity for our first cross country skiing adventure though.  We had planned to go MLK weekend with my aunt and a cousin (being able to borrow some equipment and be with experienced people our first time was important to me), but we didn't really have the snow for it.  It's worked out pretty well anyway since we'll be skiing just about an hour from us here in High Point and that means we don't have take Lilly on an overnight or find anyone to take care of her.  Unfortunately, we will be missing our friends' baby's baptism tomorrow to go though.
--- 3 ---
Last weekend we kind of co-hosted a Superbowl party with our friends from church since we like to party but we don't have TV.  (We have a TV, we just don't get any channels.  Yes, even with an antenna.)  It was a little disappointing since our host is from CO and met his wife there in college and we had decorated everything in blue and orange...But we all still had a good time eating lots of queso dip and cupcakes and drinking Blue Moon with orange slices (see what they did there?). 
--- 4 ---
I know you're all dying to know what's going on with Creighton :-)  Well this week I had my 4th scheduled intro session, but since no one came to one of them I need to do one more to meet my required 4.  But it went so well!  I had my first clients that weren't already friends of mine and I was also contacted by someone responding to an ad in a bulletin so it looks like I might end up meeting my client requirements soon.
--- 5 ---
I've been MIA from 7 Quick Takes for awhile now so if that's the main way you know me you might have missed some semi-recent posts.  I've struggled to get back on the blogging horse in the aftermath of our loss, but I'm getting there.  Some posts you might enjoy:
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--- 6 ---
So blogs and newsfeeds this week have been all a-twitter (haha...) this week about Notes from a Blue Bike.  I really loved this post that contains an excerpt that I so I identified with: The realization that you really are more American than you think.  I had some of her exact same feelings while we were living in Germany.  I thought I was one of those people who would fall in love with another country's way of life quickly, but most of us don't realize how American we still are, no matter how "counter-cultural" we think our way of life is.
--- 7 ---
 And I have just a few more links to share:
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  1. I am hoping to get that Rachel Held Evans book with my next paycheck, it looks so good!! I'll go look ya up on the Gram now ;-)

    1. Awesome! Can't wait to hear what you think. It's a bit cheaper in the Kindle version, if that helps. Also, I could loan it to you on Kindle for 2 weeks (I think that's still the longest Amazon allows). But in your line of work it might be a good book to physically have on the shelf in your office :-)

  2. Oooh, gonna have to follow you on Instagram. I'm kind of addicted to the thing.


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