Monday, February 24, 2014

Why my meat thermometer is amazing

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Do you have a meat thermometer?
This is mine.  And I. Love. It.

I had a one those that you stick directly into the meat when we first got married.  It had a digital readout, but I think it got a little too wet too many times and really gave out.  It was also plastic so it couldn't be left in the oven.  It required pulling the meat out, stabbing it, realizing it wasn't there yet and then putting meat that had cooled a little bit back into an oven that had just lost some heat from being opened.  Not a good system.

I wanted one of these for a while and finally got it Christmas before last.  This little unit is magnetic and lives on my fridge.  A separate probe plugs into it on the side, like plugging in earphones.  There is a metal probe to stick into the meat connected to a heat-resistant cord that is thin enough to for the oven door to still close.  Then I can set the correct temp (shown here as 122, the default) and it will alarm when it reaches it (current temp displays where it reads "Lo").  There's also a timer, but with a thermometer there is no need to time.

Cooking meat based on temperature is a much better way to go.  Many times for recipes are correct, but variations in your oven or meat can cause you to overcook and dry it out or maybe not cook it to a safe temperature to begin with.

I highly recommend getting this sort of meat thermometer because I am a kitchen gadget nerd :-)

*I received absolutely no compensation for this ridiculously nerdy post.  That's right--I'm THAT girl.  Find my model here.


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  2. This sounds like an amazing gadget. I just started cooking, I am not good but I am still learning. My boyfriend just ordered a ton of meat online so I have been looking up new recipes to try. Meat is probably my weakest point when it comes to cooking, especially chicken. I am always worried that its not cooked all the way through. This gadget would really be helpful, I will have to add this to my next years Christmas list. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  4. My parents came to visit for Thanksgiving a month after I got married, and Mom bought us one of these handy things. It has lived on my fridge for 4.5 years now, and I still love it! I don't do a ton of big-meat oven cooking (most of my oven cooking involves cookies or casseroles with cut-up chicken), but I'm glad I have this thing when I need it!


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