Saturday, April 26, 2014

Quick Takes-vol. 29: The OMYGOSH she's still ALIVE edition

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--- 1 ---
Yes, I'm back.  But I shouldn't kid myself too much to think more than 10 people really noticed my absence.  (Hi mummy dearest!!)  I don't really have a good excuse.  I kinda quit blogging back in March when I had my phase two of Creighton practitioner training and I gave up Facebook for Lent.  For some reason giving up Facebook led to all social media, then blogging, and finally e-mail.  I kind of gave up communication for Lent.  (Sorry about that to everyone who noticed.)  Interestingly, the only item I struggled to part with was Facebook, though I only noticed it in those few minutes when I finished what I actually needed to do on the computer and I wasn't able to click over to the 'book and waste 5...10...50 minutes.  Also, I don't know what I did with my time.  I don't feel like I suddenly had more.  I didn't get more productive.  In fact, when you consider all the lack of communicating, I'm not sure what on earth I was doing.
--- 2 ---
Our Easter was quite nice.  My parents were here for a couple of days so they spent some time with Lilly and we hiked at Jockey Hollow (a camp for Washington's men during the Revolution).  They left early on Sunday and in the afternoon my brother-in-law came down and we all went over to friends' for Easter dinner.  We had ham and lots of other great stuff, including a cake from the Cake Boss's new shop here in town.
And that, friends, is an Easter Lilly :-)
--- 3 ---
Let's see...what else has been going on?  We saw Noah with the church group and while I certainly am not going to be one to waste my time harping about biblical inaccuracies or something, it just plain wasn't my kind of movie.  That's about all I plan to say on the matter.
--- 4 ---
I got to speak to Pre-Cana couples at a neighboring parish about NFP/Creighton and that was really cool!  It's the first time I was invited to do it and I'm so glad for the opportunity.  It wasn't a large group, but there definitely was very little familiarity with NFP so I enjoyed getting to try selling it to a group for the first time.  I really hope to get to do it more because I would like the practice.
--- 5 ---
We saw Les Mis on Broadway on Palm Sunday!  That was my big birthday/Christmas present.  It was a fun day in the city.  We drove in this time and went to Palm Sunday Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Our presiding priest?  Yeah, Cardinal Dolan.  No biggie :-)  Then we had lunch at Tony DiNapoli's (family-style Italian) and got concrete sundaes from the Shake Schack before the show.  It was a great show and I loved Javert (a thousand times better than Russell Crowe), but I found I was not that impressed with Fantine.  Her voice was fine, but I didn't think it was major star good.  However, I thought Cosette was great and I ordinarily don't care for her parts.  Another standout was Enjolras.
--- 6 ---
Last night we had out Easter party for our young adult group at church.  We had a good number of people there and I made this for dessert:
Hadn't made one in years, but finally had an occasion for it.
--- 7 ---
And what else...Oh yeah, I'm growing this:

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  1. does it sound creepy that I was hoping the last one was going to be on this list? :D how far along are you?

  2. Yea!! So happy for you guys. Does Lilly know her place in the food chain is going to change?!

    1. Thank you! Haha, I don't think Lilly is going to know what hit her at. all.

  3. Mass with Cardinal Dolan? HOW AMAZING! I already congratulated you on the pregnancy, but it's still super exciting to see your formal blog announcement. I do hope you'll start blogging regularly again. I'm missed you. I'm especially hankering for some of your movie and book reviews; I really, really enjoy those!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Mandi. I'll keep your vote for reviews in mind :-)

  4. I love love love how casually you announced the pregnancy online, haha! "Oh yeah, I'm growing this." LOL Congratulations again, Kelley!

    That Easter photo is soooo precious. What a beautiful family! And I love that you got to go to Mass with Cardinal Dolan! Welcome back to blogging. :)

  5. I gave up facebook for lent too, but kept up with blogs and blogging. I did manage to read more books with the time, and listen to music, those were my tangible uses for the 'extra' time. Congratulations on your pregnancy and praying it goes smoothly.

    1. I'm glad it went so much better for you. I think I just found other, more varied ways to waste time.


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