Friday, June 19, 2015

Where have I been?

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I know, I'll give you a minute to pick yourself up off the floor.

My blogging seriously dropped off there.  It initially started because of the loss of our first pregnancy which rolled into just a huge increase in other activities and being busy being pregnant and teaching Creighton, and working, etc etc etc....

Then having our baby, a "high needs" nurse-every-hour-and-scream-incessantly-from-gas-or-not-being-held who still sleeps only 3-4 hours at a time at almost 8 months.

But if I'm honest, I know what's kept me away.  It was my own decision.

I wanted to be present.  Present in the life we were building here in our little town.  I wanted to build our friendships and community here, not in the online world.

Don't get me wrong--I've loved being a part of the online community and I've been so thankful for its presence in my life.  You see, the first 4 years we were married we didn't have much in the way of friends.  After 2 years in Atlanta we still only had the mildest of relationships, even in my Bible study.  Then we started moving, fast and furious.  While we did make some lifelong friendships in the other places, our time was too short to truly have our lives there.

Without you, my dear blogging friends, I would have been without community and friends for far too long.  I was in far-flung places, even overseas, and the constancy of your friendship and involvement in our lives felt like I had my community no matter where I went.

But we have been here in NJ for 2 years now.  And we were meant to be here and meant to connect and build and be a part of a family.  We found answered prayers for good friends, for both of us and as a couple.  We found good Catholics and role models for our son.  We have a son now.  We have a dog.  We came here as 2 and while there are (just!) 4 of us now here in the house, there are so many in our family.

When Brice found this home for us (not just the house, but the town and the church as well), I hadn't seen it physically.  But I had visions of what I wanted this home to be.  I wanted it to be a place of hospitality.  I wanted there to be people and laughter, good food and music.  I wanted there to be comfort and love.  I wanted there to be a baby.  And a dog.

From the photos sent to me while the house was being chosen.  This porch is now the site of many gatherings.
This kitchen is sometimes packed with people...
This room is now home to a baby :-)  
We have our sons, one here on earth with us.  We have Lilly dog.  We have found a dozen "godparents" for our son and a family with which to celebrate and share.  They are our answered prayers incarnate.  The people, the laughter, the food (oh, so much food!  And drink!), and music--they all happened.

Being fully present in this amazing life was more important.  I'm hoping to eventually come back to share a bit more often than I have in the last year.  But if I don't, you'll know why.  I'm still here, I still follow all of you, even if my participation is not what it once was.  My journey to today was very much fueled by my relationships with all of you and I know every one of you understands this season and my choice.  Thanks for being here :-)

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  1. I'm so incredibly happy for you! I definitely relate to what you went through with all your moves and (usually lack thereof) community. I hope to one day write something similar! ;)


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