Thursday, July 9, 2015

Guest post at Bluebird Songs

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I am super excited to share that Stephanie of Bluebird Songs invited me to guest post for her while she is nesting and settling in with her new little man :-)  I decided to share a bit about why I've been happy with my decision to be a (part-time) work-outside-the-home mama.

Hi, everyone!  I'm so excited to be invited to share with you today, especially since I have been blogging too little in the last year to even consider myself a "blogger"!

Just over 8 months ago, I gave birth to my son.  I think for the most part when I was younger I had envisioned being home with him full-time.  But we all know how those visions can change once you are an adult and can see what real life actually calls for.  I think when I was first pregnant I initially insisted I was going back to work just to prove a point to myself, others, and at work (I was afraid my hours were decreasing because of my pregnancy.)  However, I've found that it was a really good decision for us.

1. I needed an outside influence.
At first I wasn't sure when I would go back to work...continue at Bluebird Songs

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  1. visiting from Stephanie's blog...
    Being a nurse is similar to EM or hospitalist work which is appealing to working moms. Shift work helps... my sister is also a nurse and is SAHM right now.. maybe she will go back eventually when children are bigger.
    Raise the banner for working moms! (internet high five!)


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