Friday, May 6, 2016

Quick Takes-vol. 31

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--- 1 ---
First off--Wow!  What is even happening here???  It has been since before my son was born that I participated in 7 Quick Takes.  Two days before, actually.  I was actually having contractions while I wrote it and didn't realize it.  Want to read more about that before I start down the tangent of the entire story?  I'm gonna stop.  You're welcome :-)  Basically I wrote that post, announced I'd had a baby, shared his birth story, and then dropped off the face of the blogging world.  Then I showed up to tell everyone why (it's a good reason and a post worth reading if you want to really get to know us).  I did a guest post about why working part-time worked well for our family before disappearing again.  Then I decided I was going to blog during Lent and wrote one super long post about cloth diapering!!  And then that was it.  I have once again decided to take this up again, at least briefly, to share some things I'd like to share and to see if writing again will be good for me (it always is).
--- 2 ---
I have never even linked up with our new host, Kelly.  And here we are with the same name.  I see her at the meetings, but I've avoided her because I never attend her Friday party.  I wasn't even sure if we were still doing the ol' template (We're not!) so I had to check and save this new little header.  Good for me, I'm up to speed!
--- 3 ---
I'm not going to bother with a lengthy update about things since I've been gone because I imagine any readers I have left at this point know me well enough that they have been following me either on social media or IRL and know what's going on so I will keep things relatively brief.  We live in Maryland now, my husband has a new job, our son is extremely busy with everything that needs to be done around his house (rearranging throw rugs, pretending to vacuum, using keys, walking the dog inside, etc, etc, etc) and I am staying home with him full time.  For how long?  Not sure.  More on that in my next post.  We own a house now and we live in a very different area and manner from how we previously we're living.  It's very different and I'm still not completely used to it, 6 months later.  We miss our friends and our church and I miss my old job very much.  I say this all to be honest, but it doesn't mean we aren't enjoying life here.  It's just been a very different move for us from all past moves because of the circumstances (buying and owning a house, having a child, me not having a job, leaving the place we had lived the longest and the place we had made a home).
--- 4 ---
Now that you're up to speed (the 3 people reading this who are not my mother or my husband's mother), we'll move on to current events, as I think Quick Takes should be about current things of the past week.  However, quick question: Do you use the names of our kids and spouse on your blog?  I used to use my husband's name until he wanted to try to be a little more anonymous online so now he's just "my husband".  It's not like we think he can't be found (it's pretty easy to do a little searching and figure it out and his name still appears in older posts), but it helps.  I have not used my son's name actually on my blog and I think maybe not even on Instagram or Twitter.  I use it on my personal Facebook though.  I just haven't decided.  Seems like what does it matter if it's easy enough for someone to figure out?  Pros and cons?
--- 5 ---
Speaking of your kids' privacy...anyone follow the Instagram account @assholeparents?  I've seen photos with this tag before and couple months ago decided to follow because some had been funny.  I had previously seen the same idea of photos taken of a child who is upset and labeled "reasons my child is crying".  Somehow that title seemed better to me than saying "I'm an asshole parent because I won't let her eat raw chicken."  What are your thoughts on this idea?  I have been saying to my husband that while it does sometimes seem funny and maybe it helps to vent frustration of these silly tantrums all of our kids have, I'm not sure about the forum aspect.  I have occasionally sent a photo of my son in meltdown mode to his grandmother, but I don't share it publicly.  Why?  Because I don't share photos of myself in meltdown mode.  And that's my choice.  There's a lot of articles out there about how we all only share the good on our social media accounts and we shouldn't be plagued with jealousy of each other's "picture perfect" lives because there are plenty of not good things we aren't posting.  No one posts a status update about a fight with her husband.  She posts "So happy to be married to a man who puts my needs above his own!!! :-) :-)"  (By the way, tell him that, not me--I don't really get why people do this?)  But anyway, back to the point--if we, as autonomous adults make the choice to only show the good (which is perfectly normal and fine--it's called privacy!), maybe we should consider respecting the privacy of our children in this respect.  My son doesn't have the ability to say, "Hey, ma, I'm kinda embarrassed about losing my cool over you taking that pellet of dog food out of my mouth this morning.  Please don't post a video of my meltdown on Instagram."  But he's just as much of a person as I am.  All of us parents with the ability to share these photos with literally millions of people also had these types of meltdowns and difficult moments, but ours were allowed to happen without permanent documentation or having it shared with everyone.  We constantly warn our kids about the permanency of internet postings, worrying they will harm their reputations or future job prospects.  What about what we are putting out there?  What are your thoughts, blogging world?  I'm genuinely asking, I'm curious if I'm off-base here.  (Sorry, this definitely should have been its own post.)
--- 6 ---
Speaking of behavior, after what was a really bad week last week for my son, he's had a really good week this week.  We've had some really great times together that have made me so happy he's my little guy and so glad we get to spend so much time together.  I hope he feels and begins to understand how much I enjoy his company.
--- 7 ---
Anyone have any fun plans for Mothers' Day?  I'm still a rookie at being honored on this day, but I'm looking forward to it!
Last year--I love how he looks so excited that I'm his mama!

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