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Where is it and why?

I recently began a guest post series about why you live where you live.  As a couple who have moved around a lot (and lived in a foreign country), I've given a lot of thought to the fact that really, anyone could live anywhere.  Why do we choose to live where we live?  Is it a job?  Family?  Climate?  Culture?  Mission work?

If this is a topic you'd be interested in writing about for a guest post, please contact me at kelleyannie (at) over-the-threshold (dot) com.

My thoughts...
Why do you live where you live?

Guest Posts
Leaving Loved Ones by Jennifer of Celebrating Life with the Parkers 
On Why I Moved to New York... by Tim of City Composer
Heading up North! by Lara of Who Framed the Newells?
What makes it home? by Abbey of Surviving Our Blessings

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